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GERAX Engineering:
Pioneering Global Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Projects

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The main categories of engineering that GERAX has been involved are:

Construction and planning of large development works, public works.

Development and implementation of patents in energy, solar thermal development and photovoltaic parks both for private and public investors.

Development of wind parks in Greece and Balkans. Issuing of respective licenses all over the world, as partners of the leading constructing firms.

Development of photovoltaic parks in all the Balkans — more than eighty (80) — directly with the Ministry of Energy

Development of housing complexes in Greece, buildings

Metro Railway Networks and metro stations, railway stations and depots

Large hotel developments and resorts for more than forty years

Road networks, bridges, highways etc.

City planning and design of cities in Europe, Asia, Africa

Development and construction of piping networks for oil and natural gas

Power plants design and construction, worldwide

Water treatment plants

Garbage treatment plants, waste management installations

Large hospital complexes and rehabilitation centers and resorts

International Ports, Marinas

Industrial buildings, factories, logistics, etc.

Energy projects of very large scale, PPCs

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